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Company Profile


Servtech Weights And Measurements Laboratory is a specialized firm which was established in 1992 and it's involved in Industrial Instrumentation Activities (Products and Services) such as Pressure, Temperature, Weights, Electrical, Environmental, Flow, Force, Dimension, Gas, Liquid Analysis and Level.

We have available Master Equipments to carter for our clients needs who requires both on and off-site products and services. Next to that, we have good technical Knowledge and good track record for selling and installing Instrumentation products for onsite (plants, hospitals) and for personal use. Having carried out activities not only in the UAE, but also in Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria. We will continue to stand out for providing the best prices in the market (UAE and GCC) and good customer care by engaging with our customers through:

A) Trading of Industrial Instruments, devices and spares.

B) Repair, Testing, Calibration and Certification.

C) Annual Service Contract.

D) Instrumentation Technical Manpower Supply.

E) Rental/Commission.



Our vision is to help boost production, maintain a healthy storage lifestyle, and save money in all industrial and manufacturing processes.  




Our mission is to help bring manufacturers and consumers together by supplying industrial instrumentation products and services.  

ISO-Certification And Traceability

1. Servtech Weights And Measurements Laboratory has been certified to ISO-9001: 2015 standard by SRB-UK-Standard Review Board. Its Calibration Laboratory meets ISO/IEC Guide 25 standards.

2. All Test equipment used by WML are traceable to National/International Standards such as UKAS (U.K), NPL, NIST (U.S.A), VSL (Netherlands) and EAIC (Dubai).

3. Most of our WIN or Calibration methods we follow are designed by Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) and European Association of National - Metrology (EURAMET).

Our Market Segment

1. Oil & Gas   2. Power   3. Water   4. Marine   5. Offshore Industry   6. Onshore Industry   7. Chemical Processing   8. Manufacturing  9. Metals   10. Petrochemicals   11. Process Industry   12. Pharmaceutical  13. Food & Beverage  14. Medical


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