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Servtech Weights And Measurements Laboratory also act like a consultancy firm. Looking on our past working experience, the amount of Calibration and Installation projects we have been involved, Servtech WML is available to act as a Consultant Firm to Companies or Organization or Individuals, Who are looking on:

1. How to sell their Instrument Products without spending a dime that is on Commission Base.

2. How to Repair their Instruments

3. How to Hire Instrument Engineer or Technician without spending a dime on Visa Processing

4. How to Install their Instrumentation Products on Site

5. How to Maintain their Production Process or Plant Yearly at a Lower Cost

6. Third party certification for their Instruments

7. How to Rent their Instrumentation Products

8. Renting Instrumentation Products or Services that is Per Hour, Per Day, Per Month or Per Year.

9. How to safe resources and money in Plants by documenting  instruments and equipment  on-site and in warehouse in a computerized system with tracking  number and also providing auditing to this plant to ensure accountability on resources.

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