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Calibration Laboratory For Analyzer

For Measuring Analyzer in Our Calibration Laboratory, we have available different prepared Standard Solution and Master Meter to Calibrate Measuring Instrument from various ranges and various outputs depending on the desire of the Manufacturer, Process Plant or Consumer.

We do Calibration for the following Instruments:

  1. pH  Analyser With Sensor 

  2. Alkalinity Analyser with Sensor

  3. Acidity Analyser with  Sensor

  4. CONDUCTIVITY Analyser with Sensor

  5. ORP Analyser with Sensor

  6. TDS Analyser with sensor

  7. HARDNESS Analyser with Sensor

  8. TURBIDITY Analyser with Sensor

  9. CHLORINE Sensor

  10. TOC, COD and SAC Analyser with Sensor

  11. pH Transmitter

  12. Alkalinity Transmitter

  13. Acidity Transmitter

  14. Conductivity Transmitter

  15. ORP Transmitter

  16. TDS Transmitter

  17. HARDNESS Transmitter

  18. TURBIDITY Transmitter

  19. CHLORINE Transmitter

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