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Calibration Laboratory For Pressure

For Measuring Pressure in Our Calibration Laboratory, we can calibrate Measuring Instruments in the range from -1 bar … +2600bar with an accuracies of 0.003 % … 1 % of reading, depending on the pressure device (UUT). We have Master Devices that can measure very low pressure at a high accuracy with good resolution and high accuracy device such as Dead Weight Tester and Special Pressure Controllers for High Pressure Measurement. We have separate Master Instrument to Calibrate Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pressure Instrument that we can use onsite (Plant, Warehouse) and Stationary Master Instrument (Pneumatic and Hydraulic) for Our Laboratory only.

We do Calibration for the following Instruments:

  1. Pressure Gauge

  2. Digital Pressure Gauge

  3. Pressure Transmitter

  4. Pressure Transducer

  5. Pressure Switch

  6. Vacuum Gauge

  7. Manometer

  8. Pressure Chart Recorder 

  9. Hydraulic Pressure Controller

  10. Differential Pressure Gauge

  11. Barometer

  12. Dead Weight Tester

  13. Density Meter

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