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Calibration Laboratory For Temperature

For Measuring Temperature in Our Calibration Laboratory, we calibrate Measuring Instruments in the range from -328 °C … +1,200 °C with accuracies of ±0.3°C to 1°C, depending on the environmental condition and procedure. Our Calibration Laboratory is equipped with Temperature Bath, Dry Block, Different Standard Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples, Thermo-Humidity Chamber, Temperature Fixed Reference Points and Different Temperature Master Instrument to Supply Temperature to Instrument on site (Plant) without uninstalling or removal of these instruments.

We do Calibration for the following Instruments:

  1. Temperature Gauge

  2. Temperature Transmitter

  3. Thermocouple

  4. RTD

  5. Temperature Switch

  6. Temperature Transducer

  7. Humidity Sensor Calibration

  8. Temperature Chart Recorder

  9. Temperature Controller

  10. Hygrometer

  11. IR Thermometer

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