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Chemical Processing

An Industry in which Raw Materials undergo Chemical Conversions during their processing stage before becoming into finished products. In Chemical Process Industry the Products Differ Chemically from the Raw Materials as a result of undergoing one or more chemical reactions during the Manufacturing Process. The Chemical Process Industries Broadly include Traditional Industry, The Petrochemical Industry; which produces majority of Plastics, Synthetic Fibers, and Synthetic Rubber from Petroleum and Natural Gas Raw Materials, and a series of Allied Industries in which Chemical Processing plays a substantial part.  Instrumentation is used to monitor and control the process plant in the Chemical Processing Industries. Instrumentation ensures that the plant operates within Defined Parameters to produce materials of consistent quality and within the required specifications. It also ensures that the plant is operated safely and acts to correct out of tolerance operation and to automatically shutdown the plant to prevent Hazardous conditions from occurring.

Servtech WML provides Chemical Industry by

1) Selling Quality Instrumentation Products

2) Testing, Repair, Calibration and Certification of Instruments in Chemical Processing Industry

3) Annual Maintenance of Chemical Processing Instrumentation Products

4) Supply Skilled Manpower to maintain the Production Process

5) Rent Special Instrumentation Product or Services for Production Process

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